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Brief introduction:
China international investment and Trade Fair (referred to as "fair") by the People's Republic of China approved by the State Council, at the annual 9 month 8 day to 11 day in Xiamen held China. The "Introduction" and "going out" as the theme, "prominent national and international prominence, investment negotiation and investment policy propaganda, highlight the national regional economic coordinated development, highlighting the economic and trade exchanges" on Taiwan as the main character, is currently the only China to promote two-way investment for the purpose of international investment promotion activities. Also through the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) certification of the world's largest investment exhibition. With < >

The twentieth Chinese international investment and Trade Fair opened

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    The main activities:
    In September 8th twentieth 9:08-9:20 Fair opening ceremony
    The conference keynote:
    In September 8th 2018 International Investment Forum
    In September 9th, The Belt and Road Development Forum "
    In September 9th, the internationalization of Chinese medicine innovation development road
    Seventh September 7th - "Human Capital Forum The Belt and Road human resources industry forum"
    In September 7th seventeenth world business leaders Roundtable
    Chinese international green development conference September 9th
    A detailed list of activities

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